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Established in 2017, PLANET 3 SOLAR SOLUTIONS is a leading Solar Energy Company pledged to consistently provide the best quality solar energy products & services across country. We provide with world's most efficient & latest technology solutions in On-grid, Off-grid and Hybrid solar solutions without any compromise in quality at an affordable price. Our team focus on customer centric work style, ensuring to deliver a hassle free experience to all those who associate with us.


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Our Aim is to make solar energy products affordable and easily accesible to everyone.

PLANET 3 SOLAR SOLUTIONS, backed by a team of highly qualified engineers and technicians who are certified solar PV experts. The use of best in class components and efficient on-site installation workforce, ensure that each power plant installed meets the highest of quality standards. Also our quick response service team ensures that all call are attended without any delay and services are provided to our clients within 48hrs of time. We are inheritors who want to contribute to society & nation for transition to low carbon mobility and sustainable energy solutions. By choosing PLANET 3 SOLAR SOLUTIONS, we guaranteed you peace of mind throughout the lifetime of the solar power plant.

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On Grid Solar Installation

Customers with reliable grid power and few power outages are the greatest candidates. In addition to houses, even businesses, industrial facilities, and educational institutions rely on these systems as their main supply of electricity.


Home Inverter System

The advantages of purchasing a dependable inverter for your home to combat the heat and humidity with the constant power outages are incalculable. Consider selections from reputable brands while you're at it. We are known for providing a wide selection of inverters for houses at competitive costs with special offers and discounts.


Solar Roofing Solution

Just as effective as solar panels on a conventional installation, those used in this kind of system. We uses  integrated solar which use highly effective photovoltaic panels. Your electricity expenses could be reduced with the system, and over time, the money saved could be used to pay for both the system and your new roof.


Solar Lights

Since installation prices are comparable, solar lights are a fantastic substitute and an affordable answer for projects like this. Additionally, there are no expenditures associated with putting in grid power, dropping metres, or ever having to pay an energy bill.


Solar Water Heaters

Although typical families use a variety of water heating techniques, including boiling, immersion heating rods, solar water heaters, gas water heaters, and electric water heaters, there is a strong trend toward sustainability that favours solar water heaters. Going solar has longer-term financial benefits because Indian families are typically large.


Off Grid Solar Solution

Solar energy is created by solar panels using solar radiation that they have absorbed. Consumers can opt for an off-grid or a grid-tied solar system when switching to solar energy. Solar system owners who are grid-tied rely on the city's power grid, while those who are off the grid are responsible for supplying their own homes with electricity.

What makes us unique

It's safe compared to electricity


Renewable Energy Source

We will be able to access solar energy for as long as there is a sun, which means that we will have at least 5 billion years until the sun dies, as predicted by experts.


Reduces Electricity Bills

This transition can have significant advantages for businesses adopting commercial solar panels because the large system size can pay for significant portions of your energy costs.


Freedom from centralized grids

When you switch to solar power, your reliance on centralised private or public grids automatically decreases. Going independent is the most secure and long-lasting option in an environment of rising demand and erratic supply.


Low Maintenance Costs

There is no wear and tear because there are no moving parts. Typically, the inverter is the only component that needs to be replaced after 5 to 10 years because it continuously converts solar energy.


Technology Development

The technology in the solar energy sector is always improving, and advancements will accelerate in the next years. Quantum physics advancements have the potential to quadruple the electrical output of solar systems and improve solar panel efficiency.


Diverse Applications

Additionally, solar energy can be included into the construction materials. Sharp recently unveiled transparent solar energy windows.



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The use of best in class components and efficient on-site
installation workforce, ensure that each power plant installed meets the highest of quality standards

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  • Our objective is to achieve and establish a long-term relationship with the customer and provide excellent quality services that meets the requirement of our clients.


  • Customers and clients can count on PLANET 3 SOLAR SOLUTIONS with regards to the technical execution and workmanship to be among the highest in the industry


  • Customers and clients can count on PLANET 3 SOLAR SOLUTIONS with regards to management and personnel to be reliable and trustworthy at every exchange


  • PLANET 3 SOLAR SOLUTIONS is committed to total customer satisfaction. We pledge to meet or exceed customer expectations on every project.


  • PLANET 3 SOLAR SOLUTIONS will continue expanding its expertise and resources across all disciplines in the field of electrical and solar. We will make inroads into new and emerging markets and not shy away from that which is unique and challenging. We guarantee responsiveness and adaptability to change.


  • PLANET 3 SOLAR SOLUTIONS recognizes that its greatest asset is its people. We pledge to treat each employee with honesty and integrity with all. We offer competitive compensation packages and provide the best tools, equipment, and training across each segment of the trade. We maintain a corporate culture where new ideas and innovative thinking are welcome and rewarded.


  • PLANET 3 SOLAR SOLUTIONS is committed to its role as an industry leader and innovator. Customers can rely on us to remain a step ahead of the curve/regarding industry safety advancements and workforce training, to apply the latest proven technologies on their projects, and to be on the ground floor of industry standards for new and emerging markets


  • PLANET 3 SOLAR SOLUTIONS is committed to operate every aspect of business that offer higher possibility of quality of service to all our clients. The management is committed to the continual improvement of the quality management system by establishing and reviewing quality objectives for all areas of company. This ensures that the company operates effectively and efficiently meets the needs of customer.


  • PLANET 3 SOLAR SOLUTIONS is constantly working to improve its quality and services to its customers as to maintain and achieve high standards of work quality. The management believes firmly that customer satisfaction is the most important key to the success for any business. We approach our customers and are in constant contact with them for their valuable feedbacks. We keep transparent & honest relationship with all our clients.


  • Customers, Contractors, Vendors, and Suppliers will be able to count on PLANET 3 SOLAR SOLUTIONS management and personnel to deal honestly and adhere to the strictest moral and ethical codes of business conduct.


  • PLANET 3 SOLAR SOLUTIONS commitment to the communities where we work and live will not waiver. We will continue to give back where needs are the greatest and where our convictions dictate both corporately and personally


what our customers have to say



PLANET 3 SOLAR SOLUTIONS was built with a mission in 2017. The mission is to deliver best quality solar energy products and services across country & build a brand that is the best in customer satisfaction. The use of renewable sources of energy is today’s need. Water, air, and solar energy can be utilised to a large extent to meet the growing populations. The non-renewable resources of electricity such as coal and natural gases, will be at a deficit if we try to meet all the needs with these. So, now we have renewable resources to focus on, and these supplement the conventional resources quite well. Still, many people in India don’t have the supply of stable electricity connection at their households, and this is disheartening.
India has started to develop the infrastructure to provide renewable resources to the general public with the help of dams, windmills and solar panels. But, the main problem lies in their efficiencies. We do have built the infrastructure, but our country lacks in their maintenance and efficient distribution. So, in short, inefficient allocation and lack of maintenance of these power plants bring us back to the same position as earlier with regards to Household electricity. So, this is where we focus. We always give our best to exceed customer expectations through our full line of solar design, installation, maintenance & services with timely completion of projects.
But, like everyone, even we have a niche to follow. We have our focus on the On grid Solar plant. On grid Solar power plants have considerable demands in terms of power distribution, and we have taken many responsibilities to take care that the efficiencies of these are improved. But, along with this idea, there is also an idea of a clean India. Yes, we take care of that. We try to educate on how important is it to reduce the carbon foot print and thereby ensuring a clean future, a world worth living in with our energy solutions.
Safety of our employees is our other focus. I have been working on these sites for the past 5 years, and I know what it means to lose a life. Every worker, engineer and contractor has the right to safety, and I, personally, take care of the safety system. No lags or faults are taken lightly, and we inspect the sites at regular intervals to ensure safety.
It is quite commendable that our customers have appreciated the services provided by PLANET 3 SOLAR SOLUTIONS, because of our excellent staff and system. I would congratulate every person associated with our company for their dedication towards their work.
I understand what family means to a working individual and he/she must spend some time with them. And, I try to advise every individual to lead a proper work-life balance to lead a successful and prospective life ahead- a message!
Finally, it is because of my family and friends who have always supported me to create my own entity and live for my dreams in life

Thanks & Regards,

Managing Director